Grade/Subject:  Middle School Chorus


Materials:  class computer (Gateway or computer w/ projector); PowerPoint presentation on African music and instruments; music for Dansi Na Kuimba by Dave and Jean Perry; African Odyssey CD from Putamayo World Music; map


Anticipatory Set/Do Now:  Play African CD as students enter room.  The students will be instructed to write down where they think the music may be from. 


Purpose:  This lesson will allow students to understand the cultural elements of a performance piece. 


Objective:  Students will be able to describe several basic elements of African music through a PowerPoint presentation and by singing an African inspired song, Dansi Na Kuimba.



         Discuss the African music students heard.  Locate continent on world map.

         Students will view PowerPoint presentation on African music & culture.  They will be instructed to take notes on rhythm, instruments, and culture. 

         Presentation includes clips from websites such as (performance videos, virtual instrument playing) and (virtual djembe). 

         Select several students to demonstrate and experiment with the virtual instruments.

         Pass out music for Dansi Na Kuimba and sing/play through for students.

         Teach the English portion of the song through echo method. 

         Teach the Swahili phrases through echo method-speaking to singing. Discuss meaning of words.

         Sing through first verse and refrain of song. 


Closure:  Students will describe the instruments and rhythms in African music.  Discuss how the song Dansi Na Kuimba relates to the traditional music we heard.


Assessment:  Students will list three characteristics of African music from the PowerPoint presentation.


Extensions:  A)  Students will complete a webquest on African music and culture.  They will be assigned a specific region and will find specific criteria dealing with instruments, songs, and culture.  B)  Dansi Na Kuimba will be performed with the addition of African instruments.