Lesson Plan



                  Students will learn rondo form by using Making Music software and then write ten measure compositions in rondo form using Sibelius software.



 Encourage students to see patterns in music and learn how to write their own music.






                  Making Music software

                  Sibelius software

                  CD player

                  Chalk board, chalk

                  Carmen CD


Anticipatory Set

                  As the students are walking in, have the overture to Carmen playing.  Play again as class starts and ask the students to listen for the first melody to come back.



-As students listen to Carmen, have them raise their hand when they hear the first melody and document on board with the letter A.  Next, play the overture again and have the students focus on the other melodies, and ask if they are the same or different and document on board with the letters B and C.  Introduce this as Rondo form.

-Introduce software using the projector and go through rondo form with the students by completing the building blocks exercise as a class.

-Using the projector and Sibelius software, review composition standards (previously learned) and compose a simple rondo form piece together as a class.

-Have students break off into groups of three and compose their own rondo pieces together.


Check for Understanding

                  Check each groups work concentrating on the rondo form being correct. 


                  As a class, check each groups work.  Put each groups composition on the screen and ask the class if the rondo forms are correct and if not, how can we fix them?



                  In the next class students will use the compositions from this class, and play them on the xylophones, and glockenspiels.