³The Space Between²

An Introduction to Intervals

High School Music Theory Lesson


Student Learning Objectives:

·        Students will be able to identify major, minor, and perfect intervals by sight. 

·        Students will be able to differentiate major, minor, and perfect intervals by sight.

·        Students will be able to perform major, minor, and perfect intervals on the MIDI keyboards.

·        Students will begin to be able to identify and differentiate major, minor, and perfect intervals aurally.



·        To introduce students to major, minor, and perfect intervals. 



·        Computer/project for Power Point presentation (with the internet)

·        MIDI keyboard lab

·        Handout


Anticipatory Set:

            As students are getting settled, the Power Point presentation will be cued up and the song ³The Space Between² will be playing in the background, and should grab the students¹ attention.  The teacher should say something like, whoever names this song¹s title and artist first will get 5 extra points on the next evaluative exercise.  This should really get the students excited and interested in the lesson.  For a bonus question, the teacher could even ask why the students think he/she picked that song to start off the lesson.




Check for Understanding:



            The students should be given the opportunity to comment on the lesson, and talk about what they have learned.  They should also talk about what they plan to work on, and have the opportunity to offer suggestions to the teacher of what they think they will need in subsequent classes to help them learn the intervals.



            Students should have more opportunities to work alone and in small groups on identifying intervals.  The next class, the teacher should introduce Musica Practica to the students as a way of practicing intervals and assessing their progress.  The teacher should also create some sort of project where students can demonstrate there knowledge, such as having them compose a short piece where they utilizes particular intervals that are determined ahead of time (e.g. students must use a M7 and a P4 at least once).  Students should work in keys other than C major so they can practice using in sharp and flat keys; this will also demonstrate how well the students remember the various key signatures and can function within them.