Robertson 1


Leonard M. Robertson

Professor James Frankel

A & HM 4029

18 July 2005

Music Technology-Based Lesson Plan



OBJECTIVE: To demonstrate the various aspects of multiculturalism through instruments via music technologies.

Students will be able to identify differences and similarities between their cultures through an examination of various basic cultural aspects, which include food, dress, language, dance, and music by the identification of musical instruments, and the sound they create.


PURPOSE: To acquaint students with technology through an interdisciplinary approach to instruments of world musics.

As part of the multicultural curriculum, students will explore the differences and similarities of music created from around the world through an investigation of the instruments used, by the sound that the instruments creates, the instrument classification or grouping, and instrument origin through an examination and comparison of their culture.


MATERIALS: Audio video work station: Microsoft Instrument software, Mac G4 PowerBook, projector, portable CD player with remote, and Jeff Toddıs Worldıs of Music (CD, Video & Text), Schirmer, 1992.


ANTICIPATORY SET: Students will pair to discuss their language, cultural identity, ethnicity, favorite foods, clothing, dance, and music. (³DO NOW²).


PROCEDURE: Divide students randomly into groups of four. Assign world instruments for research on Microsoft software and Toddıs Worldıs of Music.  Instruct groups to share and compare research with each other. Each group will then present their instrument research in a portfolio.   


CHECK FOR STUDENT UNDERSTANDING:  I will select various students to be ³the teacher² and lead the discussion of the instrument research. Understanding will be gauged through student responses to the presentations.


CLOSURE: I will ask students to volunteer to define some of the terms discussed, and ask them to name some of the instruments discussed earlier in the lesson.


EXTENSIONS: Students will participate in a ³Music Cultural Anthropology² activity where student will document and describe the different music they encounter on their way to and from school on any given day.