Project # 3 Lesson Plan

                                    Lyubov Mayzus

                                       Tetrachords  and Major scales






  1. Objective:

Students understanding the structure of a tetrachord and major scales; their origin, and  function in music.



  1. Purpose:

       Help students recognize and understand tetrachords and major scales in the context of the music they are learning.




  1. Materials:

Power point projector, music lab computers , printer, staff paper, pencils


      Music Ace I: lesson on major scales


      Work Sheets: form each starting note : C, D, G, B, E, A, F , build a tetrachord , using the major scale pattern ( W,W ,H).  How can you group these tetrachords to build major scales?  Work with a partner.


      Keyboards, head phones



4.Anticipatory set:
A power point presentation, a recording of ,² Carnival of the Animals², by Saint Saens. Worksheets : building tetrachords and major scales, 




Play a recording of Saint-Saens¹  of  Pianists , from the ³ Carnival of the Animals² , as students walk into the classroom. Ask them if they hear any  repetitions?  Can they visualize a story?  What does the music remind them of?


As the discussion touches upon hearing of a pattern going up and down I will introduce the new subject, tetrachords and major scales by using my Power Point presentation.


After the presentation, I will address a few questions to the class  so as to review the terms used in the Power Point presentation :


 A brief review of the prior knowledge:

What is a half and a whole step?

Ask the students to go to the keyboard and instruct them to find and play half and whole steps.


What is a sharp; a flat ?

Where do you need to go on the keyboards to find a sharp; a flat ?

Have students find them on the keyboard.


Then the students will be asked to complete worksheets on tetrachords using the keyboard.  After they complete the tetrachords , at the keyboards, ask them to pair into groups of two and work on building scales from their tetatrachords . After they are done building at least two scales, have them go to the computers and instruct them to login and select Music Ace I. As they complete the review and the game part of the major scale lesson,( of the Music Ace program),  they will be asked to  go back to their keyboards. There , using the keyboard, they would be asked to build and write down on a sheet music two major scales.


6.Check for understanding

Students being able to complete the worksheet on tetrachords, major scales.

7. Closure

         What have you learned today?  What are the new terms and what are their meaning?





 An  extra credit assignment of finding an example of a major scale or/and  a tetrachord in the music they are learning . A study of major scales will lead to exploration of the circle of fifths and key signatures .