Project #3 Lesson Plan

Mary Montgomery


Lesson for Third Grade Recorder Ensemble



1.         OBJECTIVE:

Students will know and identify the lines and space of the treble staff.


2.         PURPOSE:

            To improve their sight-read ability in order to play the recorder better.


3.         MATERIALS:

- Music Lab Computers, printer, paper, pencils.

- Music Ace I: Lesson 7/Part 4 - identify both space and lines notes.

            - Work Sheet - Words Games #1, fill-in notes and letter to make words.

- Word Puzzle:  Write a note puzzle on big manuscript paper: BAD EGG CAKE.  Write all letters except the note names.  

   with staff notation letters blank.

- Recorder



Ask students to fill in the missing note names and solve the word puzzle.


5.         PROCEDURE:

a) Review prior knowledge : ask students to answer the following questions:

- Letter names of the musical alphabet

- Number of lines, and number of spaces.

- Lines names and the slogan (Every Good Bird Does Fly).

            - Space names and the word F A C E.

            - Letter names of the left and right hand recorder positions.


b) Discuss Objective:

            - Tell students that they will be identifying the letter names of the staff.

            - What do you think the purpose of this lesson is?

            - How can this lesson help them play the recorder better?


            c)  Music Ace #I

Instruct students to login and select the Music Ace I.

- Go to Music Lesson #7/Part 4.

- Complete the lesson at their own pace, and raise their hand when they

  are done so that I may check their work.


            d)  Work Sheet - Word Game #1

- Have students who finish early start their worksheet - Word Game #1.

- When all students have finished the Word Game, have them compare their

  answers with their neighborsı answers, and make any corrections.



- Circle around room, and check for comprehension and to provide feedback.

- Assign grades on the completed worksheets.


7.         CLOSURE:

            -  Have students give answers from the worksheet.

-  Ask students to tell what they know about the staff.

- Have students put their worksheets in their portfolios.

-  Give positive feedback to all.



8.         EXTENSIONS:

The next lesson is on knowing and identifying ledger lines just above and below the staff, Middle C and A.