Topic:  The Instruments of the Orchestra



Instructional Objectives:

Students will be able to:

Ø    Recognize instruments by sight

Ø    Explain the role of each section of in the orchestra

Ø    Name the instruments of the orchestra

Ø    Recognize some of the instruments by sound


Anticipatory Set:

Ø    Students will be walking into the classroom as Beethoven¹s ³5th Symphony² plays from the sound system.



Ø    After the students have come into the classroom, Beethoven will be slowly turned down and the lights will go down as well in preparation for a Power Point Presentation on, ³The Instruments of the Orchestra.²

Ø    The presentation¹s focus will be on how the families of instruments work together to establish a relationship known as the symphony orchestra.

Ø    During the presentation, most of the slides will have sound as well as animation and a voice over explaining some of the finer points of the sections of the orchestra.



Ø    Computer

Ø    Digital projector

Ø    Screen

Ø    Power Point software

Ø    Classical Music websites

Ø    Remote Pointer w/Laser attachment (so I can move freely about the room) while the presentation is in progress.


Game Time:

Ø    Small groups of four (4) students per group brainstorm what they have learned during the lesson.

Ø    Each group makes up three (3) questions to ask the other groups in the class in a ³Quiz Show² type format (for possible extra credit).



Ø    Through the ³Quiz Show², the closure/summary is sort of taken care of in a non-passive manner.  The kids are very active in a game format.

Ø    If this is not enough closure (get therapy!) (just kidding), ask each group to come up with a short (3-4 sentences) ³wrap-up² of the lesson. 

Ø    After all groups have read their ³wrap-ups² aloud, the groups can compare to see what they either left out or included that was similar to the other groups.



Ø    Students may go onto interactive websites that are given by the teacher.

Ø    Students may use the computer lab with some basic software titles to enhance what was learned during class time.