Barry Nagel

Project #4




High School Lesson Plan



Topic:   Playing and writing music basics for the Guitar


Instructional Objectives: 

Students will be able to: 

¯    understand the layout of the fret board

¯    understand basic fingering patterns

¯    play simple melodies using the first two strings (E & B)

¯    write a basic melody using the first two strings

¯    be able to detect errors reading music as someone else plays the guitar


Anticipatory Set:

¯    Students will be walking into the guitar lab as a DVD of ŌThe Greatest Guitar god Guide Video PrimerĶ plays on the Smart Board.



¯    Students will take out their guitars from their cases and discuss what they learned yesterday.

¯    After a brief review, students will take their guitars and take their places at the computer stations.

¯    Each student, with a learning partner, will be going through some basic ŌdrillsĶ using software for this purpose.

¯    Using FinaleÕs ŌFinale GuitarĶ, SibeliusÕs ŌG7Ķ, and MusicSoftÕs ŌRockinÕ, RiffinÕ, &  RitinÕĶ, students will run through exercises geared toward their individual levels.

¯    All students will play simple melodies dictated by ŌG7Ķ and ŌFinale GuitarĶ and compose a melody (of their level), using ŌRockinÕ, RiffinÕ, & RitinÕ



¯    Computer lab with 16-25 computers and monitors

¯    Digital projector for views of class work and student compositions

¯    Projector Screen

¯    Software:  ŌFinale GuitarĶ, ŌG7Ķ, and ŌRockinÕ, RiffinÕ, & RitinÕ

¯    DVD player

¯    ŌThe Greatest Guitar god Guide Video PrimerĶ on DVD (not found in stores!)



¯    A student will name an exercise and volunteers will be chosen to play what was chosen.

¯    The volunteer who played the previous exercise, will choose the next exercise and the cycle will continue for the amount of time left in the class (also a great way to begin a class).

¯    Students can play & show their individual compositions using ŌRockinÕ, RiffinÕ, & RitinÕĶ to explain to the class how and why they made the musical decisions that they did.



Barry Nagel

Project #4





¯    During their free periods, students may continue to use the computer labs to finish their compositions.

¯    Using ŌRockinÕ, RiffinÕ, & RitinÕFREEĶ, (Downloaded legally from their website), guitar students can begin to compose on their own time and on their own computers.  They may also bring in their home projects for everyoneÕs listening pleasure.