Rosemary Pecht

A&HM 4029 Intro to New Technologies in Music Education

Dr. James Frankel

Summer 2004 ­ 7/14/04


Project #4 - Secondary Lesson Plan

7th Grade General Music




Ø    Using a Template provided by the Sibelius software program the students will create an eight-measure piece in the key of a minor using the notes A, B, C, D & E. Students may use quarter notes, eighth notes (grouped in twos) and half notes. They must complete their pieces using the pitch A. Students are to compose in the treble clef only. The Bass clef contains A and E whole notes in each measure.



This will be the second lesson in the Sibelius component of the music curriculum (a work in progress!). This assignment is designed for one 80 minute block. Students will already have reviewed treble and bass clef as well as note values.



Ø    Sibelius software and Computers in Media center.

Ø    Head phones to hear compositions.

Ø    Rubric to assess student compositions



Anticipatory Set

Teacher composed Bourre will be playing as students enter the class.

³Do Now!² on the board. ³Open H Drive, find your folder and open the Sibelius program.²



Ø    Using the overhead screen connected to the teacher¹s computer, teacher reviews yesterday¹s lesson. How to compose using software, etc.

Ø    Students will open the template named Bourre. Teacher explains that it is a type of dance created in the 17th century. Teacher plays her composition and asks students to listen and watch piece scroll on the overheard. Teacher explains assignment. Students are to compose melody in the treble clef. .

Ø    Teacher explains that the Bass clef is to remain the same (whole notes A and E for each measure).

Ø    Teacher tells students they may use quarter notes, half notes and eighth notes (grouped in twos) and the letter names A, C, D & E to write the melody of their piece.

Ø    Teacher will walk around and assist where needed.

Ø    Students will save pieces on disk and to their student folder located on the H Drive of the computer.

Ø    Students will use a rubric provided by the teacher to assess their compositions and an assigned partner.



Check For Student Understanding

Ø    Teacher will know if students are having difficulty with assignment by monitoring student progress on computer.

Ø    Teacher listens and assists student compositions if necessary.



Ø    Students complete the assignment and assess their compositions as well as their partner¹ composition.



Ø    Add percussion line to piece.

Ø    Students can continue to compose and use the entire a natural minor scale.

Ø    The Alfred Adult piano books that are used in the keyboard lab contain pieces with I, IV, & V7 chords. Advanced students could possibly compose a piece of their own in C Major using those chords (chords can be whole notes or arpeggiated).