Rawlings Project H.S.

³Right Note/ Wrong Note²


Anticipitory Set:

The Concert Choir will hear a CD of Benjamin Britten¹s Processional  from the Ceremony of Carols.



CD player

CDs w/ examples FINE INTONATION. (Children of the Golden Harp)

Auralia software program**³Ear Training²

Midi Keyboard and computer

Copies of Processional by Britten

CD of Wonderful Town (Wrong Note Rag) by Leonard Bernstein



Students will improve PITCH ACCURACY.  Members of the Concert Choir will work to improve their accuracy of pitch ---considering that sharping or flatting is actually singing the ³WRONG NOTE².  Focusing awareness on care of vocal production as it relates to pitch, and by utilizing a software program as reinforcement, the students will develop keener skills in terms of pitch.



Improved pitch will improve singing.  As the student learns to listen critically to pitch, next sing critically with pitch in mind, the choral texture will benefit from improved intonation.  This unit begins with single line chant; building to 8 part texture.



1.     Teacher will use Aurelia software on the overhead projector going through each step in the ³Ear Training² program. Choices will be made as a class to match pitches as a means of tutoring the use of the program.

2.     The teacher will incorporate pitch ³reminders² into warm-ups.  By using small groups of 3 or 4 voices singing a pitch on ³oo², The remaining students will close their eyes and point up, down, or level hand, as they listen and guide the group to unison.  (Notice how removing vibrato allows for tuning.)


3.     The class will rehearse the first two measures of Processional listening to the phrase.  Singing on ³oo².  (No text yet.)


4.     Divide group in half.  Alternate ³listeners² and ³singers². Repeat.  Continue to add small segments of the piece.


5.     Tape-record each group.  Listen to the results for evaluation and reflection.


6.     Students are asked to use the Aurelia  ³Ear Training² program as a individual ³test² (20 examples) prior to their next sectional.  


7.     Section leaders will create a database for individual scores. Choir members must report scores to section leaders. ‹honor system.  (Microsoft Word) Vocal sections¹ AVERAGES will be posted on the Concert Choir ³Pipe line² announcement board.



Discuss pitch awareness outcomes at sectionals. Did the ear training heighten their pitch awareness?  How did they do on the ³quizzes²?  What do students think of using the computer as a critic?



Compare the class recording of rehearsal of Processional prior to software tool and after.  Student/teacher comments will reveal results.

Just For Fun***Play Wrong Note Rag (Bernstein) from Wonderful Town as students leave the classroom.