Billy Idol was born on November 30, 1955 in Middlesex, England.  He was born William Michael Albert Broad.  His father moved his family to America when he was three.  They lived in Long Island, New York.  When Billy was four his father decided America wasnıt for them and moved the family back to England.  Billy was wild as a kid.  He tells people it came from his father and grandfather.

In school Billyıs teachers misunderstood him.  They said he was idol but he said he was bored.  He was very bright but his boredom got him to leave Sussex University after his first year.  He had realized music was his interest and he had to start a life of music. His father was against it which made him want to do it more.  After two years he proved to his father that it was not worthless.

In 1975, he became involved with a group of friends who became known as the Bromley Contingent.  They were huge followers of the punk movement. He was with a few different bands early on in England. His band Gereration X which he had with some friends broke up after three years.  Billy Idol decided to move to New York to try to be solo. In 1982 he met up with guitarist Steve Stevens and formed a new group. They made his first album and he became very popular.

  Elvis was Billy Idolıs great influence.  Because Billy liked Elvis so much he hired Elvisıs bodyguard for himself.  Billy Idol played guitar in his first band and he still does.  He likes Elvis and his group because they have one of the same traits which is individuality.  The song Rebel Yell was his best song that he made in 1984.  White Wedding was also one of Billy Idolıs biggest hits.  I like his lyrics and the melody to the songs because there is a lot of good rock in his songs.  I really like listening to all the different words and sounds that are put in his songs.  My favorite song from Billy Idol is Rebel Yell.  The song is rock.  Billy Idol is my favorite person in the band because I feel he does the most for the band.  He sings and plays the guitar in mostly every song.  He influenced people because he had individuality.  He did many things people wouldnıt do and he wasnıt afraid to go up there and do his different performances.