Kelly Clarkson


      Kelly Clarkson was born on April 24,1982, and born in Fort Worth, Texas. At age six Kellyıs parents got divorced and her brother lived with her father, she lived wither mom and her sister lived with her aunt. My favorite song by Kelly Clarkson is probably Because Of You. I like her music because she has such a range of notes; like In the song Breakaway she sings really high and then switches to low.


      Kelly has quite a few hit songs like A Moment like This. This song was the #1 hit song in 2002. Also in 2004 Breakaway was the 6th best song in all of U.S, and this year, 2005 the 7th best song is Because of you.


      Kelly was originally inspired to be a Marine Biologist but then she became influenced by her music teacher in jr. high and started being the star in school plays and soloist in choir, that was when she started to learn about music. Aretha Franklin was another one of her influences.

Then, just a few years ago when Kelly was about ready to give up, her best friend Jessica, told her to try out for American Idol. Kelly became the American Idol so she made many records and CDıs that the world loved. That is when she really became a superstar.


The only instrument Kelly used is her voice. She now inspires many people and the world loves her.