The Killers!
 Project by Mackenzie O'Connor.



    Brandon Flowers, vocals and keyboard, David Keuning, guitar, Mark Stoermer, bass, and Ronnie Vannucci, drums got together as a group in 2002 in Las Vegas where all 4 of them lived.  The bandís influences were Oasis, the Cure, the Smiths, and New Order.    Flowers dumped his old band, Blue Response when he saw an ad in the newspaper placed by Keuning and were both huge fans of Oasis and in a couple of weeks created the now- so called hit ìMr. Brightsideî.  Soon Stoermer and Vannucci joined the band to the name that we call them now, The Killers.  Soon, a record company called Lizard King heard them perform and quickly got ìMr. Brightsideî a single hit for the band in the fall of 2003.


Brandon R. Flowers was born on June 21, 1981 in Las Vegas and he is still living and playing the keyboard and singing for the group named The Killers.

David B. Keuning birth date is March 28, 1976 and he is still recording songs with his group called The Killers.

Mark A. Stoermer date of birth is June 28, 1977 and he is still with the band named The Killers and is playing his bass.

Ronnie Vannucci Jr. was born on February 15, 1976 and is playing with The Killers.






David Keuning old nickname was ìTavian Goî, but is not called that anymore.

ìI think that public hear their pop radio or whatever and they just get suck of bad music.  They want to hear songs againî – Ronnie Vannucci

Mark Stoermer was a medical courier delivering different medical supplies.

ìWe want to be important and to last.î – Brandon Flowers


Ronnie and Brandon are married, but Mark and David are not.


                        Mark Stoermer..Brandon Flowers..David KeuningÖRonnie Vannucci


                                    The Killers had some single hits and here are some of them:


    Mr. Brightside EP  ( September 22, 2003)

    Somebody Told Me   ( March 15, 2004)

    Mr. Brightside   ( May 24, 2004)

    Somebody Told Me  ( re-released in United Kingdom) 

      ( January 10, 2005)



The Killers had more than 4 albums released and here are some of them:


   Hot Fuss Limited Edition- U.S.A

   Hot Fuss- U.S.A.

   Hot Fuss- U.K.

   All These Things That Iíve Done CD- U.K.

   All These Things That Iíve Done 7î VINYL-UK


and there are more than that, but if you want to know look it up your self.



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