Sir Paul McCartney


Sir (James) Paul McCartney was born in Liverpool, England, on June 18, 1942.  He is considered to be the most successful popular music star of the twentieth century.  As a member of the Beatles, McCartney recorded twenty number one singles.  He also had nine others after the Beatles broke up in 1970.  The total of twenty-nine number ones is a record.  He is a talented songwriter, singer, bassist, pianist, and drummer.  His influence has been an inspiration to many musicians, since he entered the music scene in the early 1960¹s.  For his impact to the music world, he was knighted by the queen of England in1996, thus giving him the title of sir.

When Paul was a teenager, his father, who was a musician, gave him a trumpet so he would learn to be a musician too.  However, he traded it in for a guitar, which he taught himself to play.  At the age of fourteen, he wrote his first song.  He was greatly influenced by Little Richard and Buddy Holly, who he admired and were his favorite performers.  Eight years later at twenty-two years of age, McCartney was a rock star with the Beatles, the most famous band in history.  The other members of the Beatles were John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.  Some of their hit songs are:  ³I Want To Hold Your Hand², ³She Loves You², ³Yesterday², ³Something², ³Hey Jude², and ³Let It Be².  After the Beatles broke up, Paul recorded other hit songs: ³Maybe I¹m Amazed², ³Band on the Run², ³Live and Let Die², ³Silly Love Songs² and ³Ebony and Ivory².

I like Paul McCartney¹s music because his songs are all so different from one another.  None of his songs sound alike and he uses all kinds of styles.  My favorite song is ³Yesterday².  Although, it is basically a short song, sung with only a guitar accompaniment, it is more than that.  Its lyrics are sad and touching, along with a melodic tune that never leaves your head.  McCartney is still popular after forty years in the music industry.  In fact, he performed at last year¹s Super Bowl at the half time show.










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