The Beatles



            The Beatles were a British pop and rock group originally from Liverpool, England. The Beatles had four Musicians in the band:  John Lennon (1940 - 1980) was the rhythm guitarist and was the main song writer, Paul McCartney(1942-2005+) was a bassist, guitarist, pianist, drummer, and the lead singer for the band, George Harrison(1943 - 2001) was the lead guitarist, and Ringo Starr(1940-2005+) held the beat while playing the drums.

The Beatles had more than 50 top 40 hit singles such as A Hard Dayıs Night, Help!, Hey Jude, Canıt Buy Me Loveand She Loveıs You. My personal favorite is Eleanor Rigby (All the lonely people). I like this song and others because of the way The Beatles blend the words together and have many verses unlike some songs in present day music such as Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Wake Me Up When September Ends written by Green Day. I also like the small amount of songs they play that add the harmonica in such as Love Me Do. I donıt have a favorite band member I like the band in general.

The Beatles werenıt born with musical talent they had to practice hard. John Lennon learned music from his parents who had a musical background so he was gradually taught how to play. Paul Mcartney learned how to play while traveling with The Beatles. George Harrison was also taught while playing in The Beatles as lead guitarist. Ringo Starr started his own band and took up drum lessons then eventually joined The Beatles. 

None of The Beatles started the band, they gradually came together. John Lennon was playing with a different group of musicians in 1957 called The Quarrymen at the Woolton Parish Church Garden Fete and met Paul Mcartney also playing in a different band, they were almost always playing together from then on. In 1958 George Harrison met up and then started playing with them. Ringo Starr was already in The Quarrymen. They made up many names for their band like Long John and The Silver Beatles but just stuck with The Beatles after a while.

The Beatles were influenced by Cliff Richard, The Shadows, and other British rock-and-roll bands. Some of their favorite bands are Little Richard, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, and Eddie Cochoran. The Beatles changed the way we look at music.  In the 1950ıs most bands based their music on the blues. The Beatles based their music on how they felt, on other bands styles of music, and on pop rock.