Project #4 Thompson

Barbara Tilden Thompson

A&HM 4029


Musicianship III 

  Rhythm: Teaching  Polyrhythms. 50-minute Class.



Objectives:  Students will be able to execute by tapping the following poly rhythms: 2 against 3, 3 against 4, 4 against 5, 5 against 7.


Purpose: Students will be prepared to execute these rhythms when presented with them in the literature.



Starer Rhythmic Training

Blackboard, chalk.

Power Point Presentation ­ CD with short examples of polyrhythms in the literature.

Auralia software (for homework assignment)


Anticipatory Set:  As students arrive in class the polyrhythms, each will randomly select a card with a polyrhythm on it. They will be given 5 minutes to determine how they would beat it out on desk.


Procedure (20 minutes)

Power Point Presentation.  The Power Point presentation will contain: 1) how to work out each polyrhythm listed under ³Objectives² mathematically, 2) how to apply note values to each polyrhythm, 3) examples of verbal applications (Ex. For 2 against 3, ³Now it is Spring²), 4) Examples of polyrhythms from the literature. Students will be asked to identify. During the presentation there will be time for students to beat out each rhythm.


Student Understanding (25 minutes)

Student activity. Students will present on blackboards the polyrhythm they chose at beginning of class by demonstrating mathematical rendition, note values and tapping. They will come up with their own verbal application. Students will practice another studentıs rhythm.


Closure and Extension (10 minutes)

Assignment: 1) Two lines from Starer section on polyrhythms. Original composition in assigned keys for instruments or voice of studentıs choice, 2) Auralia assignment: Polyrhythm section according to level. Bring printout to next class