Patrice E. Turner

A&HM 4029

Dr. Frankel



Middle School Lesson Plan


OBJECTIVE:  The students willŠ

  1. Listen to a CD recording of Marian Anderson
  2. Write notes about Marian Anderson¹s life
  3. Discuss how some of her experiences are similar to those that they have experienced
  4. Sightread the chorus of ³There¹s No Hiding Place Down There²



            This lesson is an introduction to Marian Anderson in preparation for the movie that we will watch later about her.  Overall, this will be a part of the Black History Month unit that we do school wide.  She will be the entertainer we focus on this month.  The unit will be done with the other general music classes, as well, even though I do not teach them during February.  This lesson fits into National Standards 1 (singing), 5 (reading music), 6 (analyzing and describing music), and 9 (music in relation to history and culture).



He¹s Got the Whole World in His Hands CD  Stereo  PowerPoint Presentation  Projector

Computer  Paper  Pencils  Books  Chalk  Chalkboard  Scores of ³There¹s No Hiding Place Down There²  Exit Slips



Play ³Dere¹s No Hiding Place Down There² while the students come into the class.



  1. Field several questions that the students have about who is singing.
  2. Tell them to get out their paper, sharpen pencils, get books (using book procedure), and prepare to take notes about Marian Anderson.
  3. Show and take notes on Marian Anderson PowerPoint Presentation
  4. Lead short discussion about some of her experiences‹not being allowed to apply to a musical arts school because she was black, not being allowed to sing at Constitution Hall because she was black, etc.
  5. ³Have any of you experienced situations like this or heard of other people experiencing situations like this?²  Talk about mine if they haven¹t.  Remind them of the Civil Rights Movement and tie into lessons taught in other classes.  Keep it short.
  6. Put notes and books away.
  7. Pass out scores of ³There¹s No Hiding Place Down There.²
  8. Sightread the chorus, part by part.  Learn the rhythms then add the pitches.
  9. Move forward if time is left in class.


Students will complete an exit slip by writing one thing that they have learned about Marian Anderson today and/or something that they learned about themselves or others in the class.  It must be in complete sentences and use proper grammar and spelling.



Students will offer situations and events that they have experienced or learned about that focus on the theme of discrimination and inequality.



We will view the Marian Anderson film from the library and do some extra questions (film/question sheet) that go into more depth about her life, experiences, and impact on the world.  We will do a listening journal on one of the songs on the recording He¹s Got the Whole World in His Hands.  A discussion of the bel canto singing style and head voice will ensue.  We will discuss the role of the spiritual during slavery, the double meaning, and talk about the spiritual in today¹s terms.  We will view video footage and listen to recordings of Ms. Turner singing spirituals and performing.