K. Taylor Watson

A&HM 4029

Prof. Frankel

July 19, 2004

High School Lesson Plan

Objective: High school students will improve in their aural skills through the study of intervals.

Purpose: This lesson is part of a unit on music theory.  The students have already learned about intervals.

Materials Needed: Computers for each student (or every other student), headphones, and copies of the Auralia computer program for each computer, a piano.   

Anticipatory Set: As the students arrive to class I will play Thelonious Monkıs ³Misterioso²,  which contains intervals of major and minor sixths, on the piano.  Initiate a discussion of intervals and have the students identify the interval in the music. 


Check for student understanding: Students will keep track of their scores using the program. 

Closure: Students discuss how intervals relate to one another (inversions) and how they form chords (harmonic intervals).  Students, with teachers lead, practice singing various intervals.

Extensions: Have the children bring in their instruments to play melodic and harmonic intervals.  Ask them to compose a piece in the manner of ³Misterioso², using only one or two intervals.