College Lesson Plan
Class:  Piano Interpretation for piano majors
Period:  40 minutes
Putting the Dance Back Into Mazurka
                        Students will be able to learn basic steps of mazurka and dance with                            the music of Chopin Mazurkas.
                        € To discover three types of mazurkas:  mazur, berek and kujawiak.
                        € To feel the mazurka rhythm: strong accents are irregularly placed                        on the second or third beat of the measure.
                        € To experience the mazurka dance
                        € To help students how to interpret the music of mazurka.
                        € One class computer with a LCD projector
                        € Piano
                        € CD player
                        € blackboard with staffs
                        € Powerpoint presentation, including the following:
                        € A recording of a Chopin Mazurka (Arthur Rubinstein)
                        € History of Dance CD Training Courseware
                        € Concord Concerto CCD-42036, 51 Chopin Mazurkas performed by
                                    Andrzej Wasowski
                        € Space to dance
Anticipatory Set
                        Play the recording of Rubinstein as students enter the room.
                        Ask students to move their body or dance to the music.
                        1.  Ask the class what kind of movement students observed as                                                      they were asked to dance with the music.
                        2.  Ask the class how much they know about the music of Mazurka.
                        3.  Show students the Powerpoint presentation which contains                                            history, styles and the rhythm of mazurka.
                        4.  Ask students to clap the rhythm.  Add an accent to the rhythm.
                        5.  Ask one student to notate the rhythm on the board.
                        6.  Show students steps of glide mazurka in the History of Dance CD.
                        7.  Ask students to stand up and try these steps with the music in the                     spacious part of the classroom.   Teacher plays a Chopin Mazurka                               on the piano.
                        8.  Students will return to their seats and listen to the recording of                                         Wasowski.
Check for Student Understanding
                        Teacher will check for accuracy of the rhythm and the appropriate                                   accent placement when students are asked to clap the rhythm and                                dance with the music.
                        Students will discuss what they heard on the Wasowski recording;
                        a. how the pianist is treating the Mazurka rhythm.
                        b. similarities and differences from RubinsteinΉs performance they                                     heard at the beginning of the class.
                        €  Listen and compare the performances of Wasowski, Marjan                                           Kiepura and Ignaz Friedman.
                        €  Investigation of  Chopin Mazurkas; how does Chopin incorporate                                 folk, urban and salon types of mazurka dances?
                        €  Conduct a Mazurka Performance Class.
                        €  Find mazurka in countries other than Poland.
                        €  Compose their own mazurka by using a notation software.
                            Use the first 6 notes of Lydian mode with a raised 4th.