Laura Addeo

Microcomputers in Music Education MUED 518

Dr. James Frankel

Project #4: Middle/ High School Lesson Plan

March 21, 2004



Project #4: Middle/ High School Lesson Plan


Objective:  To explore the history of a classical cadenza, written and improvised.

Purpose:  To expand knowledge of the Classical Era.

Materials Needed:  Mozart: Concerto No.1 in G, K. 313, first movement: allegro maestoso (score and transparency), two recordings of K. 313 (with different performances), computer stations, Sibelius Compass software.

Anticipatory Set:  Briefly discuss the ornamentation practices of the classical era, the varied uses of trills and gruppettos (turns), grace notes, etc.

Procedure:  Using transparency of score, follow select sections of first movement, highlighting melodic contours for themes A and B.

Closer:  Students will compose a short cadenza for an instrumental piece from the Classical era, selection upon approval.