Emily E. Lin

A&HM 4029

Prof. Frankel

March 2, 2004

Elementary Lesson Plan

Objective: The 4th graders will learn about the String family. They will be able to name the main string instruments in the String family by the end of the lesson.

Purpose: This is part of the ŗMeet the Instrument Families˛ unit I am doing with my students.

Materials Needed: I will be using the Microsoft Musical Instruments software to teach the instruments of the String Family. I will need a projector, screen and speakers so the kids can see and hear everything. I will also bring in the real life string instruments that I have: a bass, a cello, a viola and a violin.

Anticipatory Set: I will open with a critical listening exercise. I will have my students listen to a recording of a string quartet and ask questions about what kinds of instrument they think they are listening to and maybe have them describe what they think the instruments look like.


Check for student understanding: After the procedure, wešll play a game about the string instruments, in jeopardy style. Everyone will participate because they love games, and it will show me what they know. Sample question: This instrument is a little bigger than a viola and has a deeper range, answer: what is the viola?

Closure: Išll ask the students questions about how it relates to our trip to Carnegie Hall and what else we might explore when it comes to the orchestra.

Extensions: We can explore the string instruments of different countries and see how they look and sound similar or different from the ones we learned about today.