Elementary lesson plan, 5th Grade

Objective: Learning different rhythmic patterns (combinations of quarter and rest notes)

Purpose: The lesson is part of rhythm studying set.

Materials: white and red paper cups, drums and other percussion, computer, projector, software Music Ace Vol.2, paper for dictation.

Anticipatory set ­ white and red cups game


*After arrival, teacher presents to students a set of 8 white paper cups. Teacher asks student to do count the cups aloud. The counting has to be in unison. When, teacher puts 2 (3, 4, 5, etc) red cups on top of the white and asks children to clap there the red cups are while still counting.

Extension for this activity: Ask students to count in their heads while clapping;

Let one of the students to be the ³conductor²

*Discuss how rhythm is created by using quarter and rest notes.

*Children are given paper to participate in rhythmic dictation. Students are asked to put numbers from 1 to 8 on the paper and use vertical lines for writing the rhythm they are going to hear. (Using Music Ace Vol.2 software for the dictation)

*Results of the dictation are discussed.

Check for understanding. Student will show lessonıs understanding by creating their own rhythmic pattern using quarter and rest notes. The class will be divided on two or three groups and every group should make a pattern and present it by using percussion instruments.

Closure. Studentsı rhythmic pattern will be played separately and at the same time.

Extensions. Learning how to write quarter and rest notes. Adding eight notes to the pattern.