Grace Kim

A&HM 4029

Professor Frankel

March 3, 2004


Elementary Lesson Plan




Purpose: This is an introductory lesson from the unit on the Classical period.  After this lesson students will study important figures in the Classical period and also more about the history of the transition into and out of the Classical period.  This will fit into the curriculum as a study of the different periods in music over the years including the Baroque and Romantic eras.


Materials Needed:


Anticipatory Set: The teacher will initiate the call and response song ³Good Morning/Afternoon.²  This is a song where the teacher sings a line and the students sing it back.  The last line is where the teacher directs the children on a specific action such as ³Letıs all come together and clap to 10.²  After the action takes place, the teacher then chooses student volunteers to lead the song. 




Check for Student Understanding: After the students finish their projects, everyone will come together and share their pieces.  First the group will introduce their piece talking about what they wanted to do and how their ideas came about.  Next the class will listen to the piece.  The group will then talk about how they incorporated characteristics of the Classical period and how this piece may be considered as a classical piece.  The group will then take questions from the class followed by a final listening.


Closure: The class will come together and talk about what they have learned about the Classical era.  The students will also discuss how the Classical period compares to the Baroque period and about any similarities and differences they can hear or see.  The teacher can also connect to what the students already know by asking questions about any Classical composers that they may know or what they do know about them.