Lesson Plan

Jason Kennedy

July 15, 2004



Objectives: Students will learn how to compose music and instantly change keys, instrumentation, and styles using the Software Band-In-The-Box from PG Music.


Purpose: This lesson helps students compare and contrast different keys and styles of the same song and melody.


Materials: A computer lab. One computer is required for each student and a projector for teaching the class using the teacheršs computer. The program Band-In-The-Box installed legally on all computers. Headphones are required for each computer station. Handout of step by step directions to compose with the program.


Anticipatory Set: Using a common childhood song such as Three Blind Mice, transpose the piece into different keys, and different styles. Ask children what keys sound better, what styles and why.


Procedure: Following the instruction handout, student will enter chords into Band-In-The-Box. The students will program Band-In-The-Box to generate a melody and a solo over the chords. Students will select what instruments to use. After saving the song, students will use Band-In-The-Box to instantly transpose the song to any key, and also manipulate the many different styles preset into the program.


Demonstration of Student Understanding: Students will laugh and giggle as they manipulate their compositions into different styles and keys ranging from the pretty to the obscure. Students may have some difficulty composing their own song therefore a student can use a preset song and begin to have fun as they manipulate it.


Closure: The teacher will ask what styles enhanced their music, and which did not. The teacher will also ask what keys made their song sound good, and which keys did not. The teacher will ask the students why keys make songs sound different. Are they really different? Why do different rhythms change the song? Is it still the same song?


Extensions: Students can loop their songs and create improvised melodies and solos on their instruments or with their voice. Students may perform their compositions using the program, or print out the sheet music for other musicians to perform their music. The program can also burn their song onto a CD so they can take it home to show their parents.