Claude Preece

A&HM 4029

Dr. James Frankel


Technology Lesson Plan



Groovy Tune

A lesson in Finale and composition



            This two part lesson is written to meet the MENC national standard #4; Composing and arranging music within specified guidelines.  Students will be introduced to the notation program Finale and the elements of composition in the first lesson.  The second will be a follow up lesson with an aural component as well as a discussion evaluating peer compositions.



1.     The students will compose a simple eight measure melody using a D major scale and limited to half, quarter and eighth notes, using Finale notation software. 

2.     Students will gain a basic understanding of notation input in Finale.



1.     Piano

2.     Finale, computer stations, printer, headphones

3.     CD player

4.     D major scale sheet

5.     Recording of Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachmusik



1.     As soon as the students are settled, Teacher outlines the purpose of the lesson.

2.     Teacher plays Mozart’s Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star on the piano and the recording of Mozart’s “Night Music”.

3.     Brief class discussion re the differences and similarities between the two melodies.  Note that they are both composed from the D major scale

4.     Teacher will demonstrate basic note input and playback on Finale, using the melody from Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

5.     Students will practice note input on Finale for a few minutes.

6.     At this point, students will put on their headphones and begin to compose an eight measure melody limited to quarter notes, eighth notes and half notes, using the D major scale.

7.     Students will play back their melodies as they compose them.

8.     Students will save to their files and print completed compositions.




Check for student understanding

The teacher will know if students are having success or difficulty by monitoring student progress.



Students will practice their melody on their instrument for homework in preparation for individual performance during the next lesson as well as presenting their melody on finale for the class.