Dr. James Frankel                                                                                          July 19,2006

New Technology Class Sum. B                                                                  Donna M. Cox


Assignment Three:  Lesson Plan

                                    Undergraduate Voice Pedagogy—Vocal Registration




  1. Students will know what the term register and registration means within a voice.
  2. Identify the terminology relate to registers.
  3. Students will recognize the vocal register qualities in different voice types.



            The purpose of this lesson is to teach the registers of the voice and understand the most effective ways to sing and teach singing through the passaggo (transition) area.



            Scott McCoy’s Your voice: An inside view with CD Rom




            School of Music Computer Lab



            Begin the class with a Powerpoint presentation on organs, which is the origin of the terminology we now employ for registration.  While showing a pipe organ, allow music to play to display the characteristics and acoustical qualities of the instrument.





Vocal Fry, Modal, Falsetto, Whistle

Check for Understanding:

            Why can’t we sing in our speaking/modal voice when we sing within the higher registers?



            Understanding the qualities of the voice’s registers enlightens you as voice teachers.  It will give your ear the ability to recognize problem areas of the voice and help you address the vocal faults associated with registration.   



            Next Class, be prepared to work with your students on this area with the transitional exercises provided today.