Dana Monteiro

Technology Based Lesson Plan



Lesson:  Marching Band Cadence


Aim:  What is a cadence?  How are they written?


Objective:  Students will be able to compose an original cadence.


Materials Needed:  Computer, Projector, speakers,  Sibelius music notation software, cadence composed on Sibelius software, snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, recordings (MP3) marching band cadences, staff paper


Anticipatory Set:  As students enter, they will hear the Cadets of Bergen County cadence (MP3).  Q.  What instruments do you hear?



1.  Review of the answers of the Anticipatory Set question.  List the names of the instruments on the board. 

2.  Demonstration each of the instruments.  Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Cymbals     Explain how each of the instruments works. 

3.  Play cadence composed on Sibelius.  Project notated cadence on screen.  Play each instrument alone allowing students to hear each instrument's rhythm (Snare, Bass, Cymbals).  Reassemble and play full cadence. 

4.  Class will then write a cadence as a group.  Beginning with the bass drum volunteers will suggest one measure of rhythm.  Repeat until four measures are completed.  Repeat for each instrument.  Play each measure and line after its completion.   

5.  Play complete cadence.  

6.  Play example of a simple middle school band cadence that uses the snare, bass, and cymbal. 

7.  Q.   How does the cadence in the example differ from the cadence that we have written?  Use the discussion to obtain suggestions for revision of the rhythms written by the class.  Edit the cadence. 

8.  Play the four measures finished product. 


Check for Student Understanding:

Students will break into small groups and compose a short segment (2 measures) of a cadence on staff paper.  I will quickly look at students work to assess understanding.  Papers will be collected and entered into Sibelius program.  Several of the rhythms will be played next class. 



Q.  What is a cadence?

Q.  What ingredients make a good cadence?


Extention:  Students can repeat this procedure with other forms of percussion music. 


Students may use the classroom computers to compose original cadences using the Sibelius program afterschool.