Christina Arvizzigno

Dr. James Frankel

Project # 3

February 28, 2006


                                                            Lesson Plan for 3rd Grade


Objective: The students will learn the major 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th intervals and be able to write them and identify them on a sheet of music and when played. 


Purpose: To teach the understanding of how to write and identify these intervals. These intervals are at the beginning of the first unit, which starts by introducing only these four intervals to the students. 



                        -Keyboard Lab

                        -Overhead Projector

                        -CD Player

                        -CD of ³Happy Birthday²

                        -Music Ace


Anticipatory Set: A recording of the song ³Happy Birthday² will be playing as the students are entering the classroom.



1.     Students will listen to the recording of ³Happy Birthday² and I will ask them what song was playing when they entered the classroom?

2.     I will then tell them that the beginning of the song is play by hitting F 2 times and then G on the keyboard. Then, I will ask them to turn their keyboards on and play that pattern.

3.     Once they play that a couple of times I will ask them how far is F from G on the keyboard? I will explain to them that this is called a major 2nd interval.

4.     Then I will take ³Mary had a Little Lamb² to explain the major 3rd, ³Here Comes the Bride² to explain the major 4th and ³Star Wars² for the major 5th interval and repeat what I did for numbers 2-3.

5.     After the children have learned all the intervals I will hand out staff paper and have them write each of the intervals on the paper. Next, I will ask them to play the intervals they wrote on the keyboard with the paper in front of them.

6.     Finally, I will show them on the projector how to get on to the software program Music Ace on their computers and they will have about 10 minutes to identify the intervals presented on the program.

7.     At the end of the class I will check for understanding by asking them questions about what they learned and I will do a summary of the intervals learned.


Check for the Student Understanding:  I will play an interval on the keyboard and I will have them write it on staff paper. Then I will pick someone to identify to the class each correct interval.  At the end of class, I will collect the papers that the children wrote the intervals on so I can see how much the students understood each interval.


Closure:  I will ask the students what song represents each interval? Then I will go around the room and ask the students to play a certain interval on the keyboard.


Extension:  If I had more time I could ask them to create a song with the intervals they learned.  I also could teach them the minor version of the same intervals.