Amylia Barnett

Technology Lesson Plan

Dr. James Frankel

March 6, 2006



Students will create a slide show on Power Point to the song they have chosen. 



To allow students to interpret the meaning and/or symbolism of a song of their choice through visual images. 

To create connection between visual images and music. 



Lap top carts, Bob Dylan Power Point, CDs of studentıs choice, LCD Projector



Students are placed into small groups.  Receive laptops.  Search the internet for images which they believe meaningfully represent their song.   


Sequence of Activities

  1. Show students the slide show portion of The Time They Are A-Changing

 (Students have previously seen Power Point)

  1. Leading question:  Do you feel the images provided match the lyrics?  Do they enhance or detract from the song?  If you were to choose the images for the song, what images would you choose?
  2. Have each group briefly talk about the meaning of the song they have chosen
  3. Groups find an image that they liked from the anticipatory set
  4. Groups learn to save images and import picture to power point slide
  5. Learn about slide transition options
  6. Decide how to time slides in order to decide how many images will be needed
  7. After groups finish their slide show, they will answer the following questions:  How do the images we chose represent the meaning of the song?  Does your final product enhance or detract from the meaning of the song?  Would you like your slide show shown at the Spring Concert on May 24?



Students will answer questions about their slide shows as a group, as individuals, in a classroom setting, and in their composition books.   They will be assessed through their verbal discourse and their written work. 



Previous lessons have focused on analyzing the meaning and symbolism in songs.  This project allows students to assign their own meaning.  Students who are happy with their final product will be asked to show their slide shows at the Spring Concert on May 24.



Students will create slide shows sans music based on specific thematic content yet to be chosen.  After slide show is completed, they will be asked to write the music for the slide show.