Learning the basic intervals

Josh Bertelli



   The high school students will improve their harmonic dictation by using the computer program Auralia.


   The students have already learned melodic dictation.

   Harmonic dictation is the next lesson in the curriculum to help train the ear.

Materials Needed:

   One computer for every student.

   Headphones for every student.

   The Auralia computer program for each computer.

   CD player and a piano.

Anticipatory Set:

   While students are arriving to class I will play The Beatles song Let it Be, which contains a very basic chord progression. 

   This will lead to a discussion about how the bass line can help students hear the chord  changes.


   Before moving to the computer lab, students will listen to some basic chord progressions on the piano. 

   They will all have a chance to take a guess at a few examples.  We will then talk about ways to make harmonic dictation easier.

   Students will move to a computer.  They will then be instructed how to use the harmonic dictation portion of Auralia.

   Using their harmonic dictation skills they will attempt to complete many practice examples on the computer.

Check for student understanding:

   I will monitor their progress by checking the scores given by the Auralia program.


   A class discussion about the difficulties of harmonic dictation.


   The students will go home and listen to some of their favorite songs and try to figure out the harmonic progression without using their instruments.

   The students will be asked to bring in a simple song for the next class.