6th Grade Percussion Lesson – 6 students



Objective:  Students will demonstrate an understanding of Cut Time by performing and counting Lesson 26 and Solo #17 in the Alfred Drum Book.


Purpose:  Students must understand the concept of Cut Time in order to perform one of the works in band, July 4th Concert March by Lloyd Conley.


Materials Needed:

-       DVD player, proxima projector, screen, Alfred Drum Method DVD, drum practice pads, sticks, drum method books, microphone, CD recorder, blank CD-R, computer, stereo.


Anticipatory Set:  Once students enter the room, they will see on the computer screen that they are to watch a DVD of a snare drum performance and try to determine whether the piece is in 2, 3, or 4.  Students will clap to the performance to help feel the beat.



1.     Play the DVD performance of Solo #17.  Encourage students to feel the beat by clapping it or tapping their foot.

2.     Ask students whether they thought the piece was in 2, 3, or 4.

3.     Once itıs determined the piece is in 2, have students open their books to p. 54, Lesson 26.  A copy of the page was scanned as a jpeg and is shown on the large screen for reference.

4.     In Cut Time exercises 1-8, have the students count each exercise, then count and play it.

5.     After finishing Lesson 26, have the students try Solo 17, counting while they play.

6.     Ask if anyone would like to record Solo 17 (I know there will be at least one, maybe two).

7.     Record the solo.

8.     Play back the solo and ask the other students to analyze the recording for accuracy making note of any inaccuracies they catch.

9.     Have the class provide constructive feedback.

10.  If there is time record another student or save this for the next lesson.

11.  Recordings are transferred onto the computer as mp3 files and stored in studentsı e-portfolio performance folders.


Check For Student Understanding:

Understanding will be demonstrated by how accurately they play and count, as well as by the feedback they provide students who were recorded.


Closure:         Ask the students if they know of a piece weıre doing in band that is also in Cut Time.  How many beats would be in each measure?  Ask if anyone would like to try counting the first 4 measures of that piece.


Extensions:    Look for exercises within the software programs the school owns to help reinforce the concept of Cut Time.  Make some time in the next lesson for each student to work with that program.  Work on a percussion ensemble piece from the Drum Fun book that is written in cut time.