Students will be able to demonstrate basic knowledge and skill using the "Garage Band" application

      Students will identify a pop/rock music form that includes a verse, a chorus, and a bridge in ABABCBB form.

      Students will create a piece of music using the garage band application that follows the pop/rock form


Purpose:  Students in this fifth grade class have been working on a unit about pop and rock music.  They have already learned about the parts of a pop/rock band and what roll each instrument plays in the overall sound. They just finished studying common forms in pop music including verse chorus, bridge (ABC sections.)  This lesson will reinforce the knowledge in this unit as well as serve to partly cover the composition component of the curriculum.




Anticipatory Set: 




Check for understanding: When the students have completed each assignment have them playback the composition.  As the music plays have the students point out each section


Extensions:  After the students have proved their understanding of the verse chorus bridge form the can add on to the same composition to create a piece that demonstrates the four main instrument parts in a pop/rock band.