Lesson Plan for Kindergarten Age ³Chorus²


Exploring the Musical Shape of Student Names in a One-Computer Classroom


National Standard:       1.  Singing, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.

                                    4. Composing and arranging music within specific guidelines.

                                    6. Listening to, analyzing, and describing music.


Objective:        Students will demonstrate their ability to sing alone and physically demonstrate musical direction with others while reading visual representation of musical arcs.  Student will identify and demonstrate given arcs and dips.


Purpose:          To reinforce concept of musical direction via aural, visual, kinesthetic and gross loco-motor means.


Materials:        Felt board and foot long pieces of yarn, one imac computer connected to a big screen television, access to Morton Subotnickıs http://www.creatingmusic.com , paper and markers.


Anticipatory Set:         Students arrive to sit on a circular rug with a few pieces of yarn on the felt board formed into various arcs and dips.  One shape is shaped in a steady incline, in order to represent steps 1-8 for hello song, ³Itıs so good to see you². 





Check for Student Understanding: