Mary Vogt

MUED 518

Technology-based Lesson Plan

4th Grade General Music Class



Objective: Students will become familiar with one instrument in the Orchestra through the use of technology.


Purpose:  This would be an extension of an Orchestra Unit. The students have already become familiar with the Orchestra, the history of the instrumentıs and their families.


Materials Needed: 

CD Player/CD

Computer and projector for teacher/student

Computer for every two students

Software:  Microsoft Musical Instruments

(New software for students)


(Students are already familiar with)

Handouts: Procedures/steps for students for using new software

 Questions about their instrument


Anticipatory Set:  Students will come in while a familiar song from ³Suessical, The Musical² is playing (in celebration of Dr. Suessıs Birthday in March and the D.E.A.R Program - Drop Everything And Read)

Hangman activity on boardŠstudents help guess a letter to fill inŠ ³Instruments in the Orchestra.² 








1)    Students will work in pairs and pick one instrument from the Orchestra to research. (Preferably one they play) 

2)    I will briefly introduce ³Microsoft Musical Instruments² using my computer and projector with students and show them examples of how to search their instrument.

3)    Students will use the new software, ³Microsoft Musical Instruments² and answer questions from a handout about their instrument. 

4)    If there is time remaining, students may go onto the website, ³DSOkids.com² to find out more about their instrument and others of interest.

5)    The students will present the instrument to the class next week.  If they play that instrument, they may bring it in and show us an example.  If not, they may use the overhead projector and show us pictures and sounds of the instruments using ³Microsoft Musical Instruments²  (I will help guide them through this process)


Check for Student Understanding:  Students will be graded on their understanding through a rubric system of the following:


1)   Following directions

2)   Completion of the handout

3)   Cooperation/working together in partners

4)   Presentation

5)   Class questions and discussion about the instrument


*(20 points each for a total of 100 points)






Closure:  This is Part II of a unit on the Orchestra.  Studentıs previous knowledge will help support the new information on the instrument they choose.  This will further their knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of instruments in the Orchestra.


Extensions:  Learning activities that will reinforce this knowledge:

1)   Presenting new information to the class/sharing knowledge with one another

2)   Able to identify individual instruments through future listening examples or concerts/performances

3)   Compare and contrast between an orchestra and other instrumental ensembles

4)   Discover other instruments from around the world and how they are similar and different to the instruments in an Orchestra; i.e. Unit on Middle Eastern Music.