Middle School Lesson Plan


Mr. Loreti

Instrumental Music

Somerville Middle School

March 22nd ­ 6th Grade Trumpet Lesson / period 1



Students will recognize and adjust intonation discrepancies in unison playing.



Students will begin to develop an awareness of playing in tune within their section.


Materials Needed:

a)     Standard of Excellence Book 1

b)    Software: Auralia (intonation lesson)


Anticipatory Set:

As students enter the band room, I will be playing with the stereo a selection from the Standard of Excellence with the tuning slide pulled all the way out.



1)    Flat and sharp as points of reference will be defined for the students.

2)    Students will be asked to play various exercises with their tuning slides set at various places.

3)    Students will adjust their slides to the point where they think they are in tune.

4)    Students will take turns to complete various drill exercises on the Auralia software.


Check for Understanding:

a)     Various students will be selected to be ³the teacher² as students play unison passages with their slides set in various positions.

b)    The student teacher will direct the students to adjust their slides to bring them in tune with each other.



Class discussion questions ­

1)    Why is it important to tune the band before rehearsal?

2)    What affects intonation? ( i.e. posture, temperature of the room, etc.)



Selected students will be asked to tune the band in the next band rehearsal.