PowerPoint Presentations

A number of participants in the sessions I have presented have asked for copies of my PowerPoint presentations that I use with my General Music classes at the Franklin Avenue Middle School. This page contains many of those presentations. Please feel free to download them to use with your students. They are intended for educational use only. If you decide to use any in your classroom, all that I ask in return is that you let me know how they worked for you, and that you credit me as the author. Enjoy!

Title of Presentation Grade Level
Music of the American Colonies 6th
Music of the American Revolution 6th
American Folk Music 6th
Music of the American Civil War 6th
Gregorian Chant 8th
Modes 8th
Medieval Music 8th
Music of the Renaissance 8th
Baroque Music 8th
Johann Sebastian Bach 8th
Classical Music 8th
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 8th
The Romantic Period 8th
Tchaikovsky 8th
20th Century Music 8th
Serialism 8th
The Process Of Critique Middle School