Steven Stratvert         



PROJECT#3:  Elementary Lesson Plan




ü     Students will be able to bounce a tennis ball to music that they hear. 

ü     Students will be able to notice the differences in timbre of three or more percussion instruments.    

ü     Students will learn about the different beats in a measure of 4/4. 

ü     Students will be able to show how to beats in 4/4 time.   




Students will acquire an understanding of beat and where they can appear in a measure. 




  1. A computer on which the application Thinkinš Things, Collection 2, is installed. 
  2. Teachers computer station with projector
  3. Three computers that have Orangašs Band installed. 





While entering the room, the students will hear an improvised piece of music, in 4/4 time on the piano; a short piece that the students would be able to bounce a tennis ball to.      




  1. Each of the students will receive a tennis ball.     
  2. Using a projector, the teacher will introduce Oranga Bangašs Band within the software, Thinkinš Things. 
  3. The teacher will then input a rhythm into Oranga Bangašs Band. 
  4. To start, the teacher will ask Oranga to play on beats 1, 2, 3, and 4. 
  5. The teacher will then ask the students to close their eyes and listen to the rhythm.
  6. The teacher will tell the students to start bouncing, but only on the ŗgo˛ of ŗready set go˛ (in 4/4 time).   
  7. The teacher will ask one of Orangašs buddies to play on the second beat of the measure.  The teacher will ask the students if they heard a different percussion sound during the performance.   
  8. The teacher will then tell the students to switch hands on the beats where they hear the new percussion sound.  
  9. The teacher will ask the students to bounce the ball on the beats that Oranga does not play and to not bounce the ball on the beats that he does plays.
  10. If the students hear both percussions instruments at the same time, they will bounce with both hands. 
  11. Let Oranga play on beats 1 and 3. 
  12. The teacher will then ask Oranga to play on different beats.    





Have the Students compose their own pieces using Orangašs band.  Have the students perform their own compositions in front of the class. 




See if the students can to write out the teacheršs rhythm using Orangašs band.       




Ask the students, using a tennis ball, to come up with their own rhythmic patterns at home.  Next time, each student will be asked to input their own rhythmic patterns into Orangašs band and perform them using a tennis ball.    


Students may compose/perform a piece together.