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Renaissance Accompaniment Project Bach Invention Project Serialism Project GarageBand Projects
Project Description:

The students were given a renaissance melody and were then asked to create their own rhythmic accompaniments. This served as an introduction to using Sibelius. Once they had successfully entered a rhythmic pattern, the students were asked to create harmonies from the given melody.

Project Description:

The students were asked to fill in the right hand part of J.S. Bach's Invention No. 8 in F Major after learning about the structure of inventions. After they completed that project, the students were then asked to create their own inventions. Below are some of the results. If you'd like to read the complete lesson plan, click here.

Project Description:

The students learned about Serialism and its structure in class and were then asked to create their own tone rows and 12-tone compositions using both the prime and retrograde of their tone rows. Below are some of the results. If you'd like to read the complete lesson plan, click here.

The Cozinator - written by myself and 7th grader Saul Sparber in honor of our Assistant Principal, Dr. Donna Marie Cozine, using Reason Adapted and GarageBand. The file is in the mp3 format. Enjoy!
Renaissance Project MSBC JT Invention No. 1 Evan Serialism Project Nathaniel Mokray Clark sings the Detention Blues! This file is a performance by 6th grader Nathaniel Clarke. He wrote the lyrics to a blues song and then sang it into GarageBand using only the built-in microphone on my laptop. This file is in the mp3 format.

Renaissance Project KPEC NW Invention No. 1 Kelly & Andrea Serialism Project
Young Composers Club: Penny Broadside Project Film Scoring Project Teaching Improvisation with the Dorian Scale
This group of 6th, 7th & 8th grade students meets once a week before school to learn how to compose and to create their own compositions. Below are some of their compositions. This project has my students create new lyrics to the melody of Twinkle, Twinkle. Penny Broadsides were songs from the 18th century that contained lyrics about various political and social topics. The following is a song by two of my 6th grade students. Enjoy! This project required students to create a script and a soundtrack to a short 1'43" segment from the video Duck and Cover that is from the Prelinger Film Archives. The students used GarageBand to record both the dialogue and the music. Below are some examples of student work, as well as the original Duck and Cover clip that they used. Special thanks to my fabulous student teacher, Darcie Pickering, for working with the students on this project. You are the iMovie Queen! This project has the students improvise on the keyboard over a well-known riff from one of the most famous jazz standards using the Dorian scale. Students selected their own timbres to solo with, and used their knowledge of imrpovisation to create these fabulous improvs.
Carribean Carnival - by Meagan D., Julie E., Caitlin D. & Deborah S. - 6th graders - winners of the 2003 Young Composers Composition Competition. Penny Broadside - S/H

Penny Broadside - J/P/S

Penny Broadside - A/A

Penny Broadside - J/J

Duck and Cover - original clip

Group #1 Video - HKRE

Group #2 Video - GEMSVC

Group #3 Video -RAK

Original Track

Improv Group #1

Improv Group #2

Improv Group #3


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