K. Taylor Watson

A&HM 4029

Prof. Frankel

July 15, 2004

Percussion Family Lesson Plan

Objective: 3rd/4th grade students will gain understanding and appreciation for percussion instruments.  They will be to identify the instruments by sight and sound and also associate them with different musical styles.

Purpose: This lesson is part of the four-section lesson unit on the instrument families.

Materials Needed: These include a timpani, triangle, conga drum, cueca, maraca, and guiro.  A computer.  Microsoft Musical Instruments software will be utilized for the instruments that I cannot bring in.  A projector and speakers will be necessary to accompany the presentation.  A cd player.  Finally, Charlie Palmieriıs ³Impulses² album.  Optional: Rock, Rap, and Roll program.

Anticipatory Set: As the students arrive to class I will play selection one from the cd, ³King Charles².  I will ask the students what kinds of sounds they hear and lead them towards a brief discussion of percussion instruments.  This will include questions about the instruments that are used in the recording and other percussion.



Check for student understanding: Have the students break into small groups compose a piece of music in a particular style that uses available percussion instruments.  They will then play the piece for the class and discuss each the musical elements that they used.

Closure: Students will summarize the role of percussion in music and its relation to other instrument families through a discussion.

Extensions: Using Rock, Rap, and Roll, have students incorporate computer percussion sounds into a style of music that they enjoy.