Amy Yaremczak

Project #4

Microcomputers in  Music Education


High School Music Theory





·      A method for occupying students while the rest of the class is composing. 

·      The students can practice doing the dictation and interval identification, while they wait for the other computers to free up.

·      Dictation is part of our daily practice in music theory, and can be incorporated in via the computer thus freeing up the teacher to work individually with the students composing. 

·      The software on their interval singing, scale singing, as well as interval identification can also critique students.


Materials Needed:

·      Computer work station for composing.

·      Computer attached to an overhead projector that can project the dictation software.

·      A computer microphone.

·      Aurelia Software by Sibelius.


Anticipatory Set:



·      Start the students on their harmonization project, by explaining the requirements of the project.

·      Split the class into 2 groups, the group that will work on their composition project, and the group that will practice dictation on Aurelia.

·      Halfway through the class, the groups should switch places, thus giving everyone in the class practice with dictation, as well as time to compose.


Check for Student Understanding:

·      Before the end of the class, students should wrap up what they are doing, and regroup.

·      To check for student understanding, go around the class, and have the students identify where they felt their weakest places were with the dictation software. 

·      Have student then end the class by identifying intervals that are played on the keyboard.